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"Essentials" Hoodie - Multi Color

"Essentials" Hoodie - Multi Color

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Drip Level

Introducing the "Essentials" Hoodie by SK8 SHOT. This minimal collection is offered in our most striking signature colors, the ultimate blend of style, comfort, and minimalism for roller-skating enthusiasts. This classic hoodie is perfect for those who appreciate a sleek and timeless design, featuring our signature SK8 SHOT branding in crisp white lettering against a bold black background.

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Step 2: This step only applies if you purchase 102A or 103A packages.

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How custom your hoodie is produced will be determined by which "Drip Level" package you select. Please read item description carefully to know what it will and will NOT come with.


3M = Reflective Material

  1. For the $30 98A: Package includes 3M (reflective) chest/regular warning label/regular back logo. (98A Does not include custom names)
  2. For the $50 101A: Package includes 3M chest/3M warning label /Metal Aglets(drawstrings)/regular back logo. (101A Does not include custom names)
  3. Best Value: For the $80 102A: Package includes 3M chest/3M Wheel/3M warning label/Name and area code /L1 R1 sleeve and pockets/Metal Aglets(drawstrings)/regular back logo. (Follow step 2)
Exclusive Quality 1 of 1
This VIP deal is $159 103A: Package includes 3M chest/3M Wheel/3M warning label/3M Name and area code /3M Thick Vinyl L1 R1 sleeve and pockets/Metal Aglets(drawstrings)/3m trim back logo. (Follow step 2)
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